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    SQL Server 2017 1 Device CAL

    $ 248.99 USD
    • Instant digital download
    • Lifetime support
    • For 1 Device
    • Digital download
    • Lifetime support at no extra cost
    • An electronic code will be emailed to you 15-30 minutes after checkout.
    • Instant Digital Download

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    • Product Information

      Every Device that accesses your SQL database requires a Device client access license (CAL), regardless of the User or Users who are using those devices to access the server. An SQL Server device CAL authorizes one device – PC, Tablet, or cell phone – to access an SQL Server when the server is deployed using the Server/CAL model. After installation, any number of users can use the Device to access the database, for instance, on a shared workstation. SQL Server 2017 1 Device CAL offers you the solution for every new Device that needs to access your SQL database and server.

      You can grow your business on your own terms by adding individual devices to your SQL Server software because SQL Server 2017 allows you to. You can access the single SQL Server device CALs to simplify your capability to add an extra device to your system. Furthermore, this Device license does not require media, setup codes, or license keys because they are license only. All you need to do is install it, and everything is systems go.

      Each SQL Server 2017 CAL applies to Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition of SQL Servers. The Enterprise Edition of SQL Server is ideal for applications that need mission-critical in-memory performance, high availability, and advanced security. On the other hand, Standard Edition presents fully-featured database capabilities for small and mid-tier applications and data marts.

      Each Device with an installed SQL Server 2017 Device CAL allows an innumerable number of Users to access the server using that Device. Device CALs are more worthwhile if your staff share devices, for instance, those that share the same workstation or those that work in shifts. Additionally, if you need the services of an external User, such as a contractor accessing your system’s database, a Device CAL will be important because the external User will have a specific device that can allow access to the server.

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      • Server License: get a SQL Server license to enable you to access your server and database and work efficiently to achieve your business goals.
      • 1 device CAL: 1 Device CAL allows you to assign a new device a license or assign a new (external) User a device to use to access the server database.
      • Choose your Language: Gain transformative insights with up to, or even more than, one million predictions per second using built-in language integration such as R and Python.
      • Least Vulnerable Database: Use layers of protection, including such innovative features as encryption at rest and in motion, all from a known least vulnerable database.
      • Direct, Fast querying: conduct queries up to 100x faster than disk, with the in-memory ColumnStore, and transactions up to 30x faster with the in-memory OLTP.
      • End-to-end mobile BI: get end-to-end mobile BI on any platform and turn raw data into understandable reports, which can be delivered to any device at a much lower cost compared to other self-service solutions.
      • Industry-leading performance: Get record-breaking, smart, and fast performance on any platform of your choice, including Windows, Docker, and Linux.
      • Highest performing data warehouses: obtain advanced data support, from large enterprise data warehouses to small data marts, while minimizing data storage needs with enhanced data compression technology.
      • Always Encrypted technology: use layers of security protection to encrypt and secure your data along with other data management technologies such as row-level security, robust auditing, dynamic data masking, and transparent data encryption (TDE).
      • High availability and disaster recovery: use the enhanced AlwaysOn technology to acquire an improved easy setup, mission-critical uptime, load balancing, and fast failover of readable secondaries on Linux and Windows. You can also ensure hybrid high availability by putting an asynchronous replica in an Azure Virtual Machine.
      • Corporate business intelligence: with a complete BI solution, you can now scale your business intelligence (BI) models, ensure accuracy and quality, and enrich your data.
      • Server Analysis Services: build comprehensive, enterprise-scale, advanced analytic solutions – profiting from the lightning-fast, smart performance of in-memory built into the tabular model.
    • Compatibility

      System Requirements

      These are the minimum system requirements for installing SQL Server 2017 1 Device CAL:

      • Processor: 1.4 GHz
      • Memory: 4 GB
      • Disk Space: 6 GB

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