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    Get the Truly Office Student Lifetime License + Windows 11 Pro and embark on a transformative academic journey. Empowering students with essential tools and an optimized computing environment, this exclusive offering nurtures academic excellence. From essays to data analyses, this reliable toolkit ensures seamless access to powerful applications throughout your academic endeavors.

    In the busy world of academia, money is always on our minds. Truly Office Student Edition tackles this issue by offering a complete set of office tools that not only meet our needs but also fit our student budgets. It's not just about being affordable; it's about making sure that all students, regardless of their financial situation, can access top-notch productivity tools and make the most of a sophisticated office suite.

    Get ready for a transformative computing experience with Truly Office Student Edition. Alongside Windows 11 Pro, enjoy an enhanced Start menu, advanced security features, and improved multitasking. Seamlessly transition between study, entertainment, and creativity in your digital environment.


    Lifetime License for Truly Office Student Edition

    The Truly Office Student Lifetime License goes beyond a simple software agreement; it represents a long-lasting dedication to your academic journey. Gain access to Truly Word, Slides, and Sheets at a fraction of the price of other suites, enhancing your productivity and saving your budget.

    Get a seamless experience where you're free from the perpetual worry of subscription renewals, ensuring that your tools grow and evolve alongside you. From the outset of your academic voyage to the triumphant day of graduation, this lifetime license stands as a steadfast assurance, granting perpetual access to a suite of applications meticulously tailored to the unique challenges of student life.

    This lifetime commitment extends beyond mere functionality. It encapsulates a pledge to accompany you through the dynamic phases of your educational endeavors, ensuring that the tools you rely on are not just static utilities but dynamic resources adapting to the changing landscapes of academia.

    Student-Centric Office Suite

    Truly Office Student Edition is not just an assortment of applications; it's a personalized toolkit meticulously crafted to resonate with the nuances of student life. Each application within this suite is thoughtfully designed to align with the multifaceted demands of academic coursework seamlessly.

    Whether you find yourself articulating profound ideas in essays, unraveling the complexities of intricate data sets, or constructing impactful presentations, every tool within this suite is not just a functional component but a dedicated companion on your academic journey.

    The emphasis here is not solely on functionality but on the creation of an immersive and empowering user experience. It's about understanding the unique challenges students face and providing tools that go beyond mere utility to become enablers of academic success.

    Windows 11 Pro

    The latest and most advanced operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11 Pro, comes bundled with the Truly Office Student Lifetime License. With a sleek and modern interface, enhanced security features, and improved multitasking capabilities, Windows 11 Pro is the perfect complement to your academic journey.

    With new features such as Snap Assist, Virtual Desktops, and Widgets, students can easily organize their workflow and stay focused on their tasks. The revamped Start menu allows for quick access to frequently used applications and files, making it easier to switch between study and entertainment.

    Affordable Deal Tailored for Students

    Our deal focuses on creating a reliable and affordable way to access the best office tools as a student. We understand that students have unique financial constraints, which is why our offer aims to bridge this gap by providing an unbeatable price for truly powerful software.

    With Truly Office Student Edition, you get more than just a cost-effective package; you gain access to top-notch applications designed specifically for students at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you get access to the latest version of Windows 11 Pro, making this an all-in-one deal for your academic needs.

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Over 200 Trusted 5-Star Reviews

  • Excellent service

    "Quick and easy download. Affordable. Clear instructions."

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Pamela Bakken 01/21/2024

  • They were courtious when I was Wrong

    "They were courtious when I was Wrong"

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Ray Eband 01/07/2024

  • A very happy and grateful customer.

    "I was so pleased with the very reasonable price I got from Catsoft for my new software, but I found it difficult to install and activate because I’m not proficient with computers. Daniel helped me get through the entire process and was patient and committed to helping me."

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Gene Yonkovich 01/04/2024

  • Is Truly Office Legit?
    Yes, Truly Office is a legitimate company. It's positioned as the No. 1 alternative to the Microsoft Office productivity suite.
  • Is there a Truly Office Trial Version?
    Yes, you can try the Truly Office productivity suite with a free 30-day trial.
  • What apps are included in Truly Office?
    With the Truly Office Student Lifetime package, you receive basic apps such as Word, Sheets, and Slide. However, with the Pro version, you gain access to Word, Sheets, Slides, PDF, Mail, and 100GB of storage.
  • How much does Truly Office cost?
    The Truly Office lifetime license ranges from $34.99 for the basic version to $99.99 for the Pro version. Meanwhile, cloud versions start at $2.99 per month and can go up to $5.99 per month.
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