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    Introducing the Truly Office Student for Mac Lifetime License, your all-in-one solution for academic productivity, combined with the added power of PDF Reader Pro!

    This innovative software deal is specifically designed with the modern student in mind, providing a comprehensive set of tools to create, edit, and manage documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. With a lifetime license, say goodbye to subscription hassles and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite office suite on your Mac.

    The added PDF Reader Pro app elevates your productivity, offering seamless PDF editing, annotation, and conversion features. Students can now navigate through their academic journey with greater ease and efficiency.


    Lifetime License for Truly Office Student for Mac

    The Truly Office Student for Mac Lifetime License is focused on providing an uninterrupted and hassle-free experience without any recurring subscription fees. With this one-time purchase, students can enjoy lifetime access to all the features of Truly Office Student. You'll get instant access to Truly Word, Truly Sheets, and Truly Slides for Mac, providing the ultimate flexibility to create and edit your documents on the go.

    Whether you need to write a research paper, create a presentation or crunch numbers for a class project, Truly Office Student has got you covered. The suite includes a user-friendly interface and a wide array of advanced features, making it the perfect tool for students of all levels.

    PDF Reader Pro App

    PDF Reader Pro is an excellent addition to Truly Office Student for Mac. This versatile app allows users to view, edit, annotate, and convert PDF files with ease. With its powerful editing tools, you can make changes to your PDF documents and save them in various formats. The app also includes advanced annotation features, such as highlighting, adding comments, and drawing on the document.

    PDF Reader Pro is an essential tool for students who frequently work with PDF files for their assignments, research papers, or readings. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Truly Office Student, you can now have all your productivity needs in one place.

    Tailored for Mac Students

    In a world where money often influences choices, Truly Office Student for Mac Edition shines as an accessible option. It's not just about offering unmatched functionality; it's about doing so at a price that understands the financial challenges students face when using Mac devices. The goal is simple – to ensure every Mac-loving student, regardless of their financial situation, can use and benefit from a complete range of advanced office tools.

    This commitment to affordability is not a compromise but a deliberate choice to democratize access to high-quality productivity tools tailored for Mac users. It's about acknowledging that Mac users deserve tools that foster success without creating an additional financial burden.

    PDF Reader Pro

    Beyond the comprehensive suite of Truly Office tools, this deal extends to include PDF Reader Pro – a robust PDF management tool designed to elevate your document handling capabilities. Edit, annotate, and manage your PDFs seamlessly, ensuring that your academic documents are not just static files but dynamic resources that adapt to your evolving needs.

    PDF Reader Pro is more than just a PDF tool; it's a strategic addition to your academic toolkit, recognizing that the modern student doesn't just work with traditional documents but relies heavily on dynamic and versatile PDF files.

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Over 200 Trusted 5-Star Reviews

  • Excellent service

    "Quick and easy download. Affordable. Clear instructions."

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Pamela Bakken 01/21/2024

  • They were courtious when I was Wrong

    "They were courtious when I was Wrong"

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Ray Eband 01/07/2024

  • A very happy and grateful customer.

    "I was so pleased with the very reasonable price I got from Catsoft for my new software, but I found it difficult to install and activate because I’m not proficient with computers. Daniel helped me get through the entire process and was patient and committed to helping me."

    Star Star Star Star Star

    Gene Yonkovich 01/04/2024

  • Is Truly Office Legit?
    Yes, Truly Office is a legitimate company. It's positioned as the No. 1 alternative to the Microsoft Office productivity suite.
  • Is there a Truly Office Trial Version?
    Yes, you can try the Truly Office productivity suite with a free 30-day trial.
  • What apps are included in Truly Office?
    With the Truly Office Student Lifetime package, you receive basic apps such as Word, Sheets, and Slide. However, with the Pro version, you gain access to Word, Sheets, Slides, PDF, Mail, and 100GB of storage.
  • How much does Truly Office cost?
    The Truly Office lifetime license ranges from $34.99 for the basic version to $99.99 for the Pro version. Meanwhile, cloud versions start at $2.99 per month and can go up to $5.99 per month.
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